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Helping investors like you diversify their investment portfolios through real estate holdings.


eQRP is a way many people can gain hands-on control of their retirement funds for investment purposes.

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‘Hello, we’re Three Keys Investments and we’re here to serve you.’ That’s not a slogan, it’s our commitment to you.


Every investment is strategic and given significant thought beginning with geography. These are our target cities…

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We teach new investors how to begin with money they already have (and don’t realize it) and provide established investors opportunities to add conservatively underwritten opportunities to their portfolios.

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Schedule a call now and recieve your FREE copy of the QRP Book. Learn how to get your 401(k) and IRA money in your hands, in your checking account…


Our goal is to help you get educated on how to create passive income for you and your family by using real estate as your vehicle. Helping provide

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Three Keys investments enables people to get their money out of Wall Street by providing alternative investment opportunities…

...three generations deep in the real estate industry. Three Keys Investments LLC focuses on multifamily assets to build passive income and legacy wealth for your family.